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To encourage and support entrepreneurship among fresh university graduates,Wanda Group has launched a 10-year plan for supporting entrepreneurship carried out by these graduates:Between 2013 and 2022,Wanda Group will invest 500 million yuan into funds aimed at entrepreneurship and contribute 500 retail storefronts within its Wanda plazas,in doing so offering support to 1,000 fresh university graduates in realizing their dreams of starting their own businesses.In 2013,the first batch of 100 entrepreneurial university students was selected from 10 well-known domestic universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University to enter newly opened Wanda plazas and start businesses.


The Wanda Support for Entrepreneurship among University Students Launch Ceremony was held at Tsinghua University in September 2013.


During 2013,the first round of selection for entrepreneurial university students was carried out at 10 well-known universities across China including Peking University,Tsinghua University,and Fudan University.


Wanda Group took a hard-to-obtain, prime storefront in a Wanda plaza and carefully selected business categories suitable for fresh graduates who are starting their own businesses.In addition,the Group also specially established an Entrepreneurship Guidance Department to provide these graduates with professional guidance.

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