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Dalian Wanda Group was founded in 1988 and operates in four major industries-Commercial Properties;Luxury Hotels;Department Stores;and Culture&Tourism.In 2013,the company's assets totaled 380 billion yuan($62.8 billion),its annual income reached 186.6 billion yuan($30.8 billion)and net profits exceeded 12.5 billion yuan($2.06 billion).The group now operates 85 Wanda Plazas,54 hotels (51 of which are five-star hotels),6,200 cinema screens,75 department stores and 81 budget karaoke establishments throughout China.By 2015,the company aims to increase its assets to 500 billion yuan($82 billion),raise annual revenue to 300 billion yuan($49.4 billion),and achieve net profits of 20 billion yuan ($3.3 billion).

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