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一、报告概况 Report Summary


This report reviews Wanda Group's approaches and performance with respect to its commitment to social responsibility during 2013,and it builds up a platform for communication between various stakeholders.

二、编制原则 Basis of Preparation


Wanda Group carried out identification of stakeholders and paid attention to their requirements and desires.Understanding and analyzing the opportunities and challenges within its environment on the industrial,societal,and global levels,Wanda Group gave full consideration to the Company's four major industries and overall operational situation.On the basis of all these things,Wanda Group determined the substantive items that should be included within this report and prepared the report accordingly.

三、时间范围 Reporting Period


This report is an annual report.The reporting period is from January 1,2013 to December 31,2013.

四、报告范围 Report Scope


This report principally focuses on Wanda Group and also covers a portion of Wanda Group's subsidiaries.

五、数据来源 Data Sources


All data used in this report came from Wanda Group's official documents and statistical reports.

六、指代说明 Explanation of Abbreviations


To facilitate ease of presentation,the terms "Wanda Group","Wanda","the Group",and "the Company" are also used to refer to "Dalian Wanda Group Co.,Ltd." throughout this report.

七、报告获取 Obtaining this Report


You can download an electronic version of this report on Wanda Group's website.URL:

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