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一、企业社会责任观 Outlook on Corporate Social Responsibility


Wanda Group regards being a social enterprise as its highest objective.Companies exist and develop for the sake of society,and the ultimate aim of their development is to serve and make contributions to society.


Distribution of Corporate Social Responsibility Management Work


The President's Office Committee of Wanda Group is responsible for researching and formulating the Group's social responsibility("CSR")strategies,objectives,and development plans.It is also responsible for planning out major CSR events and issuing the annual CSR report.


Wanda Group's Corporate Culture Center is responsible for organizing,coordinating,and planning the specific implementation of the Group's CSR work in addition to providing guidance to the Group's subsidiaries as they implement their own CSR efforts.

万达集团建立了全媒体宣传平台,包括集团官网、月刊杂志、手机报、电梯视频、移动客户端等, 覆盖全面、及时有效地传播万达的社会责任理念,展示优秀社会责任实践,宣传万达义工精神。

Wanda Group has established a multimedia promotional platform that includes the Group's official website,a monthly internal magazine,mobile phone news,elevator news,and its own mobile phone application.With comprehensive coverage,this platform promptly and effectively communicates Wanda's philosophy of social responsibility,showcases outstanding examples of CSR achievements,and promotes the "Wanda volunteer" spirit.

三、企业社会责任管理制度 Corporate Social Responsibility Management Policies


Wanda Group has established a system of policies for CSR fulfillment.These include Administrative Regulations for Charitable Donations and Administrative Regulations for Poverty Relief and Volunteer Events.

四、利益相关方管理 Stakeholder Management


Wanda Group is a large global conglomerate.Aside from its 100,000 employees and over 10,000 partner businesses,it also operates projects in more than 100 cities across China.In 2013,customers made 1.22 billion visits to Wanda Plazas.The operational management of Wanda Group has a continuous impact upon a great many stakeholders.Through communication and exchange with stakeholders,Wanda Group clarifies and actively responds to their requirements and desires.

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